You might be surprised by number one.

We're already nearing the halfway point of 2020, yet even in these uncertain times, we've published more than 50 new car reviews, first drives, and comparisons. And we've driven some really great vehicles, ranging from pint-sized hatchbacks like the Toyota Yaris to sporty coupes like the Toyota Supra. But only a handful of the total vehicles tested made our list of the best cars we've driven this year (so far).

Each car we rate gets a score out of 10 using our tried and tested star rating methodology. The system averages the total score from seven different categories – design, comfort, tech and connectivity, performance and handling, safety, fuel economy, and pricing – with each car earning between zero and 10 stars, with a baseline score of five in every category. The exceptions to that rule are fuel economy and price, which use a fixed scale starting at zero.

We should note, though: cars that are the subject of comparison tests (like the BMW 3 Series and Tesla Model 3), first drives (like the 2021 Supra), or pros and cons are not eligible for a star rating – so you won't see some of those vehicles on this list. But there are still plenty of great cars that made the cut.